A Time to Rise Above創 高 立 見 的 時 代

Stand at the forefront of innovation and see the future. The city's newest commercial landmark.A source of creativity. A wealth of opportunity. The future of business.Posed to be a beacon of success for the future,Vertical Sq makes its shining debut.

Seamless Connectivity連 繫 . 一 瞬 間


Floor Plans平 面 圖

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Building Specification大 廈 規 格


No. 28 Heung Yip Road,Wong Chuk Hang黃竹坑香葉道28號

Office Storey辦公樓層

5/F - 33/F

*4/F, 14/F & 24/F are omitted

Car Parking Storey停車場樓層

1/F - 3/F

Car Parking Space車位

78 car parking spaces78個私家車車位

Typical Floor Area標準層樓面建築面積

Approx. 7,050 sq. ft.約7,050平方呎

Floor Loading樓板戴荷

5/F - 6/F: 5kPa7/F - 33/F: 3kPa

Floor Height樓層高度

Approx. 3.70m (floor to floor)約3.7米(兩地台間之距離)

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Wall & Ceiling牆身及天花

Wall finished with paint & aluminum suspended ceiling system with recessed luminaries and A/C pre-installed牆身髹漆及鋁質天花配備嵌入式燈盤及冷氣設備

Rasied Flooring架空地台

Top quality 125mm rasied floor system125毫米高級架空地台系統

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External Wall外牆

Low-E double glazed IGU curtain wall system低輻射鍍膜雙層節能玻璃幕牆


5 high speed passenger lifts and 3 car lifts5部高速客運升降機及3部車用升降機


Air-conditioned lavatories and barrier-free lavatory完善空調洗手間及無障礙人仕洗手間

Electrical Supply供電

80VA/m² and dual feed electrical risers per floor80VA/m²供電戴荷,每層提供雙豎管供電

Air-Conditioning System空調設備

Energy efficient water cooled central air-conditioning system (Appr. 160ft²/TR of colling capacity, including fan coil units & primary air supply) and 24hrs chilled water supply高效能中央水冷式空調系統(約160ft²/TR製冷量,包括風機盤及新風供應)及24小時冷水供應

* Available upon request & subject to terms and conditions應要求提供,並受條款及細則約束


Dual risers for telecommunications雙通訊豎管

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